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New Opportunity on Binance in 2024: Make Money through OTC and Option Trading

New Opportunity on Binance in 2024: Make Money through OTC and Option Trading

New Opportunity on Binance in 2024 Hello crypto enthusiasts and Binance users! We are here with another opportunity on Binance to make money. Now, it’s 2024, and if you start looking at these opportunities during the commencement of this year before the end of this year, you should have made thousands of USDT from this all-knowing application called Binance.

Before I begin, a Happy New Year to you all, and thanks for staying with us till this time continuously. Alright, so the opportunity we want to look at is a different domain on Binance. During this year, we are going to focus on trading on Binance so that you too can closely see how some people are making money from this. New Opportunity on Binance in 2024

New Opportunity on Binance in 2024

Because when you see people trading from here and making thousands of USDT, you might feel confused as you have a similar app. However, you are not making that amount. Okay, so I’m going to be looking at one opportunity on Binance because it’s very new and it may be very, very new to you. I mean, you don’t have any idea about it.

On this post, we share a whole lot of opportunities to make money online for free with no investment. We have been sharing posts to walk you through making money online, making as much as 500 USDT online for free without any investment. This is a strategy we have been using for the past few years, and we have been able to make a whole lot of money from these opportunities. New Opportunity on Binance in 2024

We decided to put all these opportunities in posts on our YouTube post. So just in case you want to get some opportunities to make money online for free, you should consider checking our YouTube post and watch posts where we’re going to walk you through step-by-step processes of how we’re able to make use of some money from online without any investment and without doing much work.

Okay, we equally have seven USDT for the first 50 people to like this post, subscribe to this post, and send any comment to get the payment. You have to add your USDT address in the “About” page of your post. New Opportunity on Binance in 2024

Now, welcome back. What you can closely see is I’m currently on the homepage of Binance. You have to make sure that you are also on the homepage of Binance, and it has to be the pro version of Binance.

Once you have everything that looks like this, all you have to do is just select “More” right here. So, we select more, we scroll all the way down, okay, to trade. Now let’s go to trade. Now, this is trade. New Opportunity on Binance in 2024

Those of you that have been following me have spoken nothing about OTC. However, there are so many platforms that have used this name. However, they are on, for instance, some platforms called the OTC trading. The OTC, they are gone. However, the one on Binance is the OTC trading, where you can work with currency pairs and then get money. New Opportunity on Binance in 2024

Now, let’s open here and see what this has for us. This is the OTC right here, and I click on it. It takes some time for it to load. Normally, it will load a trading pair. What you need to note is this is called the Binance OTC. It is the Binance OTC, and what this simply means is that you are selling some Binance coins over the counter.

Over the counter simply means maybe not using normal price or not using normal quotations, but you sell your tokens with respect to whatever you want. New Opportunity on Binance in 2024

You can look at this as another quick way to convert your USDT or whatever coin you have to another currency. Basically, the money you make from here, the interest you make from here is with respect to the difference in the prices at the time of your exchange.

For instance, let’s say that you have some BTC and probably you might have made some small profit, and you notice that BTC is going all the way down. So, what you basically do is it requests a quotation, okay, to get a quotation to convert your USDT or your BTC to USDT. In so doing, there is an exchange, and then the difference in prices is where you make a profit from. New Opportunity on Binance in 2024

Now, this is the over-the-counter trading. I need to note that this may not be the legal or the normal procedure of exchanging your BTC to USDT. That’s why they call it over the counter. And for some cases, you can even attempt to make some profit during the exchange of this coin. There are more other options here like the algo, which also has some features like the swap, the POV, and as you can basically see, this one focuses on BTC and USD USDT.

So, let’s look at this new feature here because on Binance when you see “new” right up here, it means they just added it. Maybe if you have not updated your app, you may not find this one. So, this one they’re saying is “welcome to option trading.” A Binance option is a European option contract, which unlike American-style options, can only be exercised at expiration but can be bought or sold at the current market price at any time prior to expiration. Option trading is highly risky and should be… New Opportunity on Binance in 2024

So, this is the option trading. I’m sure you cannot trade here until you’ve accepted the terms and conditions. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you’re good to go. Okay, so this is the Binance OTC for you. OTC means over the counter. You can also watch or do more research on all this just in case you have too many questions. Okay, bye-bye and stay blessed.


The article discusses a new opportunity on Binance for users to make money through trading and OTC (over-the-counter) trading. It also promotes the author’s YouTube channel, where they share strategies for making money online. The article provides a step-by-step guide on accessing the OTC trading feature on Binance and explains the concept of option trading. Additionally, it offers a reward of seven USDT for the first 50 people who engage with the post.


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