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Make Money Online for Free by Viewing Art on 2024

Make Money Online for Free by Viewing Art on 2024

Make Money Online for Free by Viewing Art Hello techplanet in today’s post update we are going to be looking at this side where you will be able to earn free Bitcoin for viewing art. Okay, now for the past few days I’ve been talking about one of these sites that pay so high for viewing art.

Now this is one of those sites and as you can see they are very transparent in telling you the various payment methods and they are equally transparent in letting you know how they get the money. Okay, if you go back to this side you have a whole lot of things to see and you have so much information ready for you.

Alright, this is one of those websites that provide up to 40 premium methods. Now according to them, they say they provide up to 40 types of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum with various types of instant payment and according to them, they say open the door now to the crypto world, collect free coins, and play wonderful games. Make Money Online for Free by Viewing Art

Make Money Online for Free by Viewing Art

Right, so here is how the side looks and this is the homepage. Now let’s look at this side from after signing up.

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Welcome back, so this is the side and we have to look at it when we sign up. Now after signing up on this website, here is how the homepage looks.

Okay, so if I scroll all the way up and then zoom this a little bit, you can clearly see that they have everything ready for you. Okay, they have a file set to claim, they have free tokens to claim, they have games which is coming soon, and then they have exchange if you want to check different exchange methods or different exchange amounts equally have withdraw right here. Make Money Online for Free by Viewing Art

Okay, this is very important, most all of you are asking me withdraw, withdraw, withdraw. This is the withdraw button after making some money somewhere around here after making some money here you can take it out from this other side.

Okay, so let’s look at F set. Okay, now these guys have two types of F set, they have the manual F set, they have the auto.

Auto means you really do nothing and get money whereas the manual means you have to do certain things to get money. Okay, so let’s check a man first as you can see these guys ask you to select the coin you want in order to earn. Make Money Online for Free by Viewing Art

So this is the part, let me just select Bitcoin. Okay, now the name of the side is called autof f.

org. Okay, it is Let’s just choose probably 10 then recapture solve media.

No, I’m going to select solve media and then I enter what is written right here. We have a magical realism.

Okay, so I have to verify that I am not a robot. Okay, so as you can see after selecting these short links, okay, after um after sting short links I have what 250 FCT sent to me. Make Money Online for Free by Viewing Art

Okay, so you can clearly see that if you click on free token right here you see that you have some different options to make money from the first one being the short links followed by different options. Okay, now the short links is quite easier for me and that is the amount paid to me.

Okay, so now I can continue from where I ended on the manual foret and then I enter whatever amount and then I claim. Okay, for instance, I could enter one F set to you see uh BTC one FC token amount uh and then I select uh capture and then I click on verify then I click on claim you see that more money is being sent. Make Money Online for Free by Viewing Art

Okay, okay, say the amount is lower than minimum so you can enter more enter maybe 10 then click on claim. Okay, so let me just see I increase the FC amount to 100 and then click on this and I click on claim all right success uh the following amount ter of BTC has been credited my account okay now what you can do is that you can click on withdraw and then take out the money in bre C right okay so that is how you go about it and bye-bye for now.


Discover how to earn free Bitcoin by viewing art on a new website called Learn about different payment methods and how to withdraw your earnings.

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