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How to Earn Free Bitcoins: Unlock the Secrets with 2024

How to Earn Free Bitcoins: Unlock the Secrets with 2024

How to Earn Free Bitcoins Hello! Friends, grab any of these coins for free. As you can see with this website, you will be able to earn free Bitcoin every single minute. You can earn from BTC to other coins like UM to other coins like DGB. Okay, now this website gives all these coins for free and all you have to do is just to follow this video closely, do whatever I’m going to do, and get some free coins.

Okay, you are left to choose whatever coin you want. For instance, you can choose BTC to run, you can choose DO, you can choose Dodge Coin as well as you can choose LTC, which is Litecoin. You can choose TRX, which is Tron, we can choose BNB and all this.

Okay, now before we even go to the EP of this video, I want to use this opportunity to express my Christmas wishes to you guys that for those of you who are celebrating Christmas and for those of you who believe in more Christmases, happy to what you are celebrating at what point you are now. For those of you that are in the Christmas break and all this, happy. How to Earn Free Bitcoins

And for those of you who, you know, are celebrating the new year, happy New Year celebration to you guys. Okay, now let’s go to the in-depth of this video. Now basically you might want to earn these coins respect to the amount. Of course, BTC, they say they will be able to give two saty every minute and for some coins like the Litecoin, these guys are to give 925 light. pet every 1 minute. How to Earn Free Bitcoins

So some can give over 600 uh. Sol for every single minute, as you can see there are others that can pay very high as you can see, the highest being this one that gives over 2,000. zosi every single minute. Now we are going to be talking about Bitcoin. Um, let’s see how you two can be able to get free Bitcoin from this side.

Okay, on this website, we share a whole lot of opportunities to make money online for free with no investment. We have been sharing videos to walk you through making money online, making as much as 500 USDT online for free without any investment. This is a strategy we have been using for the past few years and we have been able to make a whole lot of money from these opportunities. We decided to put all these opportunities in videos on our post website.

So just in case you want to get some opportunities to make money online for free, you should consider checking our post website and read videos where we’re going to work you through step-by-step process of how we’re able to make you some of money from online without any investment and without doing much work. How to Earn Free Bitcoins

Okay, we equally have 7 USDT to the first 50 people to like this video, subscribe to this website, and send any comment to get the payment. You have to add your USDT address in the page of your website. Welcome back, as you can see with this side, you will be able to earn free Bitcoins. Basically, this go, this free Bitcoin is not actually free. You have to wash some ads in order to get the coin.

Okay, even though it doesn’t cost you a time, but you know, it takes your time. Now, when you wash this art, you get money or paid to you in BTC. Now, to get free BTC, you just have to click on Crap BTC right here and then you start earning. Okay, now let’s follow this closely. So first of all, you have to, you choose any of these sites you find here. How to Earn Free Bitcoins

In other words, I can see that you choose any of these coins here and then you click okay. So I click on the first one, which is BTC. I love BTC so much and that’s why I talk about it. Okay, then the next want to enter this point is our mail or a Bitcoin address. So I always recommend you to enter your file set mail address because the file set mail address you will get your money automatically.

So I’ve entered my FMA, then I click on login. Then I tell them I am not a robot and of course I am not and then I’ll see how I can close this icon right here and then click on verify capture. Okay, it is been verified and you can see that it is loading. Hi everyone, doing that now I don’t need it. So you can see what you can see is you get the sponsor link, click on the sponsor link and money is paid to your account. How to Earn Free Bitcoins

So I click on the sponsor link right now. It takes some time for it to load. Okay, the sponsored link is open. So to finish, you have to click tab to continue. You have to tell them, “Hey man, I’m not a robot.

” Once you’ve done that, some of this blockage works expire. Then I again, traffic light, uh, traffic light, okay. So that is closed. Have to scroll all the way down and click on continue. Remember, we have two over three steps.

Now it means we have one more step to go. Fire hydrant. These are fire hydrant. Fire hydrant, fire hydrant, fire hydrant is totally finished. So click on verify, click to continue.

So this is the last step. I say your link is almost ready. Have to wait for some seconds. Okay, so I wait for some seconds. All right, so I click on get the link. How to Earn Free Bitcoins

All right, so when I click on get the link, it takes me to this side back and then as you can clearly see, two saty has been sent to my FetPay account. If I go over to my FetPay, you’re going to see the money waiting for me right there.

How to Earn Free Bitcoins

So I go to dashboard, go to dashboard, user dashboard, then wait for it to load, scroll all the way down, you see that some money was paid to me around the 25th of December, which is the time I’m making this video, and it is a normal payment, and that is a transfer. Okay, so what I’m going to do now is close this, and I go back to the side. I go back to the website. How to Earn Free Bitcoins

This is the side right here, and that is it. Now, in order for you to do the exact same thing, all you have to do is go over to this side called The CrabCoins. com. This side right here, it is CrabCoins. Let me highlight this to you.

So it is CrabCoin. com. CrabCoins. com. Go over there and start making your money.

Okay, now with this CrabCoins. com, you will be able to earn from several coins. Okay, so once you get to the site, all you have to do, you just follow the procedure and make some catch. So basically, with this side, you will be able to choose whatever coin you want, and then you earn from it.

So you can see the most recent payment I was made, and it was made to my wallet, some payment made to some anonymous wallet, and you can clearly see what payments have been made. How to Earn Free Bitcoins

Okay, all right, so bye-bye and stay blessed.


The article provides a guide on earning free Bitcoins through a website called It outlines the process of choosing and earning various cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the need to watch ads for compensation. The author shares personal experiences and highlights the potential earnings from different coins. The article also includes a festive message, expressing Christmas and New Year wishes to the readers.


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