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Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads on Top Art Coin: A Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads on Top Art Coin: A Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads Hello TechPlanet, here is one of those websites where you’re going to watch ads and earn free Bitcoin. Now, this website is similar to most all of the sites you know and in this post, I’m not promising you millions on this website.

However, if you do exactly what I’m going to show you, you’re going to earn some small money, and if you accumulate it over time, you’re going to have a huge amount, okay? So, if you’re looking for a post where you’re going to make millions of USDT per um, you might have come to the wrong post.

Okay, in this post, you will be able to accumulate as low as 0. 01 USDT, and as you save this amount over time, it increases, okay? So, you accumulate this amount every single minute on this side. Therefore, in this website, I’m going to expose you to some opportunities where you’re going to view ads and earn Bitcoin every single minute, okay? Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

As you can see, these are different payments being sent to different wallets, okay? Okay, and you two can be able to be among these guys who are withdrawing all.

Right on this post, we share a whole lot of opportunities to make money online for free with no investment. We have been sharing posts to walk you through making money online, making as much as 500 USDT online for free without any investment.

This is a strategy we have been using for the past few years, and we have been able to make a whole lot of money from these opportunities. We decided to put all these opportunities in posts on our TechPlanet post.

So just in case you want to get some opportunities to make money online for free, you should consider checking our TechPlanet post and watch posts where we’re going to work you through step-by-step process of how we’re able to make use some of money from online without any investment and without doing much work, okay? We equally have 7 USDT to the first 50 people to like this post, subscribe to this post, and send any comment to get a payment. Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

You have to add your USDT address in the about page of your post, okay? So, welcome back. In order to make money from this side, you might want to, you know, click on “Join Now. ” Alright, it’s as simple as clicking on “Join Now.

” So when you click on “Join Now,” you will be directed to a page where you will enter some details which include username, email, password, and then you verify that you are not a robot, okay? As you can see, these are the details that the guys need which include username, email, password, confirm password, and then most importantly, your gender and your country, okay? So, I’m going to watch this post, enter these details, then I go back to the account having signed up. This is how the homepage looks, okay? Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

To make money on this side is quite easy. All you have to do is just to click on these three lines at the top right corner, watch Shing ads, and make money, okay? So you click on these three lines, you go to earn tokens or you go to fet which of them you want is what you will get, okay? So if I go to manual for fet and I scroll all the way down, you see the various file set, the various file set, okay? Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

So as you can see, I just claimed some tokens right now and it reflects in my account, okay? Claim more tokens, you have to see three click at on the three lines at the top right corner and then you can click on view ads. You know as you view ads, you earn some crypto, alright? So as you can see, if I view this ad for 30 seconds, I’m going to get 22 tokens.

So if I click on the ad, alright, as you can see, the payment is loading, okay, this is the payment right here. So while you’re on the art, you have to just wait till the payment loads completely and once it’s done, money is sent directly to your account. So we just have to be patient while this loads up, okay? Now this is completely it is almost finished and it is done. Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

One thing you have to also do is you have to wait because there is a, uh, select the image that does not belong here. So this is equally a board verification so once you do it, boom, money is sent. Money is sent, okay? If I go back to my account now, you can see I go back to my account then I refresh, you can see that 22 token has been added, okay?

This right here. Now the name of this side is called the Top Art Coin, okay? It’s the Top Art Coin and let me show you how it is spelled so that you too can go over to the side and start making some cool cash. That is the name of the side, it is top. Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

adddcoin. Right now, I receive so many messages, some people telling me I’m not showing how to withdraw on these platforms. Now what you have to note is most of these platforms have requirements and for me to meet these requirements, I will have to, you know, um, do what they want me to do then withdraw is going to be placed. But most of all of these websites have withdrawal button as you can see if you go over to the home of this side, this is the withdrawal button right here.

Now, if I’ve made the requirement, the withdrawal will pass. If I have not, I have to meet the requirement. So please select your withdraw method. This is FAL pay because the payment there is automatic so those you have a fet pay account, you need one, all right? Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

So as you can clearly see, I selected fet pay and then I select Bitcoin, then I select 22 coins. Please set your FAL set email address. Okay, let me set my FAL set email address. Withdraw settings, so we go to withdraw setting.

Okay, this is place of for set Emil. Okay, so I put this my F Emil coinbase no need that. So I click on Save, enter my password and I click on Save and I go back to withdraw again, click on withdraw, be on then 22 coins. Okay, these guys are saying that um, don’t have enough coin. Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

Let see all this, okay? So you can clearly see that I must withdraw at least 250 coins, okay?

No, so now I have to you have already seen that this already has a requirement and clearly you and I know that I don’t have 250 coins.

So I have to go through the process to have 250 in withdraw. Earn Free Bitcoin by Viewing Ads

Therefore, you too should be able to withdraw if you have 250 coins, okay?

Simple and finish, bye-bye and stay blessed.


This article introduces a website, Top Art Coin, where users can watch ads and earn free Bitcoin. The author emphasizes that while the earnings may start small, they can accumulate over time. The article also provides a step-by-step guide on how to sign up, view ads, and earn tokens on the platform.


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